I’m Grant Little. Welcome to my website. I’m an amateur photographer with a specific interest in landscapes and more recently drone photography and videography.

I’m originally from Co. Donegal in Ireland but I moved to Western Australia in 2007. Although I enjoyed looking at good landscape photos back then I hadn’t even dreamt that I could actually take some myself. So in 2010 I bought my first (what I would consider serious) camera (ie a DSLR). It was nothing snazzy and even to this day I’m not so much about having the best equipment, but rather making the most of what I have.

I find photography is a journey, I look at some of the photographs I took a long time ago and wonder what I was thinking, but I’ve learnt a lot since then and believe my photographs have improved. However I still have a long journey ahead of me and I really look forward to it.

I love to travel with my partner Rhonda and (up to COVID) we travelled as much as we could. We still do, but it’s mostly been within the constraints of Western Australia – which isn’t a terrible thing. Believe me, we are blessed with some of the most amazing scenery around!

During the day I’m a full time Software Engineer/Architect but I’m trying to grow my photography side as and when I can.

If you’re interested in Software Development or IT in general you might find some interesting posts on my other website https://grantlittle.me